What We Do

We source, sell, manage and develop quality residential and commercial properties in Dundee and around Scotland. Our Clients are Landlords, Investors, Property Owners, Developers, University Parents and Students and Tenants.

What we do

We deliver exceptional results….
SGL Property has a long and successful track record in delivering exceptional financial and operational performance for Clients.  We have sourced, sold, developed and managed many properties over a long period which have produced excellent financial returns through all property market cycles.  Our occupancy rates are consistently near 100% with good rent levels achieved and property expenses controlled.  We have acheived excellent selling prices for properties we have sold in all market conditions.  We have welcomed hundreds of Tenants from all corners of the globe to a clean, safe and stylish home or office.

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We add value to Property….
We have lots of experience adding value to Property by intelligent and thoughtful use of available resources.  This leads to enhanced financial and operational returns.

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We manage Property risk….
Property investment is a significant financial investment and requires protection.  As a Tenant you will demand a safe and secure environment to live and work.  We actively manage all aspects of Property risk by working with you to first identify the risks and then to implement risk mitigation strategies.

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We provide excellent service levels….
We are committed to listening to the needs of our Clients and responding in a timely and professional manner by e-mail, phone or in person.  We strive to make Property investment and Property living or working as hassle-free as possible.

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Finding a quality Property Manager you can trust is important whether you are a Landlord, Investor, Developer, at University
or a Tenant. Find out what our Clients say about us…
A perfect family run company without any hassle or stress normally associated with moving into a new home
Richard and Keagan, Dundee, Current SGL Property tenants.